Betting strategies and systems

Everybody who at some point becomes more interested in betting will realize that success is about minimizing risk, and in this case one cannot rely on lucky coincidence alone. And then there is the question of betting strategies and systems. Every person who bets, at some point begins to wonder how you can increase your chances and profits.

Understanding the principles allows you to control your account and most of all your emotions. In addition to knowing what to bet on, you should also have experience that will tell you which coupons are best to avoid.

Of course, you know the cases when someone has won big sums in Melbet app, there are screenshots of serious winnings from the bookmaker on the net. However, in the long run it is a game with negative values. Only the right strategy will give you a chance to profit from betting at legitimate bookmaker’s offices.

If you’re looking for a guide to help you choose the right betting strategy, we’ve tried to gather everything we know. We review betting strategies and systems to help you manage your budget properly. The idea is to focus your betting on long-term results and eliminate impulse play.

Remember that a well-managed betting account is one where you apply responsible gaming principles and can control your behavior. Systems that are actually betting tactics are designed to help and minimize risk. 



The Martingale strategy is a relatively risky system, and to play it, you must have a safe amount in your account and be prepared to lose it. The goal of this progressive betting system is to cover your losses by doubling up on your next bet. In the end, it is an extremely risky strategy.

The disadvantages of the Martingale system are apparent to everyone. Of course, most can increase their bets to a certain point, and that point is the depletion of funds. But the Martingale strategy still has many supporters and is very popular. If you want to use it, we recommend creating a spreadsheet file. 


Fibonacci Strategy

This strategy takes its name from the Fibonacci mathematical sequence. We won’t go into the theory, but we encourage you to familiarize yourself with it because it is fascinating in a way. Simply put, the Fibonacci sequence is a set of natural numbers in which each consecutive number is the sum of the previous two. 

We should focus on certain types of bets. This strategy is supposed to be applied to draw odds. Why draw? Because many people consider this result to be the weakest point in betting. Most players and analysts focus on finding the winner of the match and thus ignore the fact that the match may end in a draw. 

The method eliminates the drawbacks of the Martingale strategy and the bet increases less dynamically. That’s why you don’t lose as much. However, the big problem with using the Fibonacci strategy is playing at high odds. Betting at 3.00 means that there is a 33 percent chance of the bet being successful. Every bookie knows from experience that this is not as high as it might seem.


Greenwood System

The latest system based on progression. Greenwood is similar to Martingale and Fibonacci system in many ways, but unlike the above, it was created specifically for betting. The Greenwood strategy is the only one of the above, which takes into account the different values of the odds at the bookmakers.