How to properly

How to properly place live bets

Bettors are divided into those who specialize in pre-match betting and those who play exclusively live betting. They are attracting more and more supporters, and bookmakers, responding to demand, are creating an ever wider range of offerings.


What is live betting?

In the old days, bookmakers could only make simple pre-match bets on who would win a particular match, how many goals would be scored, who would score, etc. Year after year, bookmakers expanded the offer, creating new opportunities, but lacked an important detail – betting on live matches, when the odds react to events on the field.


Live Betting – definition and example

Live Betting is a game played during a particular sporting event, where the bookie’s odds change depending on what happens. A good example of how they work is when a goal is scored in a soccer match. Let’s say we’re talking about a match between Barcelona and Leganes, in which the Catalans are the clear favorite for the clash, and the pre-match odds of them winning are 1.25.

Barcelona starts the encounter poorly on the day, in turn, the Leganes players feel their chances and scored in the 15th minute. The favorite loses 0:1, the bookmaker blocks the opportunity to bet on this meeting immediately after the goal, and in a few seconds after the resumption of the game he gives fresh odds on specific events. 

The chances of Barcelona to win the match increase significantly: for example, now they are 1.65 and the player can decide: take advantage of the slower start of the favorite and bet on their victory, or consider that they are just in bad shape and will lose this day. The other option is to wait until the start of the second half, thinking, “After the break, they’ll probably get down to business and score at least two goals.” 


additional advantages

Additional advantage of such a game is that the second most important factor begins to affect the KF. After all, Barcelona had 75 minutes after the goal and only 45 minutes at the start of the second half.

This factor should be taken into account in the odds, and at the beginning of the second half the odds can be 1.8. Of course, you have to take into consideration the fact that the Catalans may score a goal just before the break, the odds will go back to normal and the chance to play with higher odds will be lost.

With the time to accept a live bet being much longer than in the case of pre-match betting, there is almost no chance for a player to outsmart the bookmaker and play the odds after the change in the match. Most bookmakers reserve the right to cancel such bets. In soccer matches it rarely happens that the odds on the outcome of the match change dramatically.

This happens exclusively after a goal and a red card for a player of one of the teams, bets are also immediately blocked after a penalty. However, there are sports in which there are many more such events and they greatly affect the odds.

Anybody who has seen at least a few basketball games knows very well that in just a few minutes the lead of one of the teams can reach more than ten points, then the chances of winning change a lot, and the players betting on this event react very quickly. A similar thing happens in volleyball matches, for example, after a good series of one of the teams.