Key mistakes in sports betting

A common mistake beginners make is to choose a few disciplines they want to play with. However, it is impossible to be an expert in everything. In the beginning, everyone must choose the sport they will play. Once we choose soccer, it’s worth focusing our interest on a particular league. In this case, one of the leagues that are not in the top 5 (England, Spain, Germany, Italy, France) can be profitable. It is in these leagues that the odds are the most attractive. Be sure to look for the melbet mirror for today.


More than three events per bet

Betting on 5, 7 or even 10 matches for $2 can give you a really big win. When you do melbet India registration, you can use bonus money for these bets as a new player. For a small bet with a large number of matches, a player can even win several hundred or several thousand dollars. This is a tempting prospect that new and inexperienced players often succumb to. Predicting a large number of matches on a single coupon seems easy in theory. 

In practice, this is not the case, because the chances of winning a coupon consisting of more than 5 events (with odds above 1.40-1.50) are only a few percent. Large accumulated bets can be compared to the lottery – in this case, knowledge of the sport is much less important than luck. In the beginning it is worth choosing up to three events. Then the potential winnings will be much smaller, but the chances of winning are much higher.


Select your favorite team

“This time they have to win. How many times have you thought of that when betting on your favorite team? It’s a common situation. Loyalty, faith, and feelings lead a player to believe the team will win, counting on their favorites to beat anyone. This is an easy way to lose money. In bookmaker betting you can never be guided by sympathy. Analysis and objectivity is the basis of the game.


Combined bet

Team A will win the match and player X will score – this is one of the most popular types of bets. The most popular because it is the most profitable. The question is whether it is most profitable for the players (high stakes) or for the bookies (lots of bets, low odds of winning). Probably for the latter, which is why it is a mistake to place such bets. 

Bookmakers carefully pair such events, often tempting the player with names of players who are actually in good shape. An example of how easy it is to believe this is not too far away. Before Bayern’s November meeting with Fortuna Düsseldorf, Robert Lewandowski was in incredible form and scoring goals in every Bundesliga game. Betting on a win for the German champions and the Polish striker seemed natural. 

But the problem is that Fortuna is the only team in the German Premier League against which Lewandowski has not scored. He didn’t score in November either, which interrupted his excellent streak. Therefore, the lack of analysis and giving in to the bookmakers’ suggestions can lead to players losing money. Finally – combined bets are generally not a good idea.


Doubling the bet

Doubling bets does not in any way guarantee a win or make up for a loss. Instead, they increase the risk of losing money. After all, no one said you can’t lose seven bets in a row, and by doubling up on each subsequent bet, the amount lost can already be quite large. So it is better to stick to predetermined bets that do not worsen the financial situation.