The role of legal bookmakers in sports sponsorship

It would seem that bookmakers and sports sponsorship are a perfect match, but betting companies have not always been as active in sponsorship as they are now. As a result of the new laws, many bookmakers were forced to resign and stop financially supporting sports clubs. Fortunately, the situation is somewhat different now, and legal bookmakers are willing to engage in sports sponsorship again.


New rules for bookmakers

After the new laws went into effect, new contracts began to be signed almost immediately between legal bookmakers and sports clubs, under which the companies began to supply the sport with the money it so desperately needed.

Sponsorship of bookies in sports is a “win-win” situation because both parties taking on this type of collaboration benefit. Clubs and players get a source of funding, and legitimate bookmakers can introduce their brands to hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of fans who may potentially be interested in their services. 

The result is an increase in the athleticism of the team, league, event, or player, while simultaneously increasing the popularity of the betting company whose brand appears on t-shirts or banners throughout the stadium. The opportunity to sponsor sports is, of course, available only to bookmakers with a betting license, which means companies that operate legally. 


Examples of sponsorship agreements with bookmakers

Bookmakers have been in the industry continuously for years. Also, the BKs have been pouring money into the development of the first soccer league, providing sponsorship funds to little-known clubs. The degree of involvement of bookmakers in sports sponsorship is evidenced by the fact that they create funds that provide financial support to promising athletes and clubs.

In the Russian Federation a law was introduced, which obliges bookmakers to give part of their income to the development of sports. In this case, we are not talking about large clubs, but the construction of new infrastructure facilities for children, sponsoring sections, etc. On the other hand, bookmakers are trying to pour their money only where there is a potential profit. Therefore, as statistics show, this innovation does not work too well. But there is no point in arguing with the fact that the initiative is really good. 

As you can see, the cooperation between betting companies and sports teams is very fruitful and brings many benefits to both parties. It is proved by the fact that the bookmakers legally operating in the Polish market are more or less willing to sponsor the sports. This will undoubtedly have a huge impact on the growth of the popularity of sports in the coming years. 

Thanks to this cooperation, the names of legal bookmakers are increasingly visible during important sporting events. Still, you should not approach betting too carelessly, because betting, like many other gambling games, can be addictive for the player. The offer of betting companies is addressed to adults. You should always approach the game responsibly.


What are the dangers of such funding

The problem is that the lion’s share of sports fans are underage. And they see the advertisements of the bookmaker’s offices in the same way. As we know, sports betting is forbidden for people under 18 years old. And if a legal bookmaker doesn’t let them do that, it’s very likely that the young bettor will go to an illegal bookmaker’s office to bet there. It’s good that bookmakers are trying to fight it.